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When you get serious about your game, it’s time to consider a tennis ball machine . No longer is your training regimen dictated by the availability of a partner or a coach’s schedule. The most basic of ball machines allows you to practice your strokes without having to worry about an opponent’s bad shots and serves. As the ball machine models progress in sophistication, you can use them to put random patterns and spins, as well as any number of professional level strokes to fine tune every aspect of your game.

Tennis ball machines can hold anywhere from 50 up to 300 balls, meaning you can practice for as long or short a period as you desire. Tennis Express offers the most extensive selection of tennis ball machine brands including Lobster, Playmate, Sports Tutor, and Wilson. Machines can weigh as little as 28 pounds, with the majority of them checking in between 35-45 pounds.

For help in choosing a tennis ball machine, check out our Guide to Tennis Ball Machines in our Tennis Express Buyer's Guide! Tennis Express is knowledgeable and has all the information you need about tennis ball machines, so don't hesitate to call with any additional questions. To order your tennis ball machine today, please call 1-800-833-6615. Note: We do not ship Ball Machines outside of the United States.

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